Home Care from a Licensed Non-Medical Companion

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) #744806

Taryn Archer of Archer Cortlandt Personal Services is a licensed Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). She is a non-medical companion with a nurturing manner and excellent communication skills. Taryn is available to hire for short periods of time (1-4 hours/day), split shift hours (morning/evening) or family scheduled specified days. The level of care is exceptional! Hire a CNA who watches over your loved one as if they were her own.

    Aid & Support to accomplish basic Activities of Daily Living
    • Eating
    • Personal grooming and hygiene
    • Dressing and undressing
    • Bathing/showering assistance
    • Toileting
    • Moving from one place to another

    Assistance for your loved one to give you peace of mind
    • Cooking
    • Taking medicines
    • Shopping for groceries
    • Using the telephone
    • Care of pets
    • Doing light housework

    Client safety, autonomy and dignity are a top priority. Taryn will be a caregiver to your parents, spouse, child or grandparents for these tasks. When a loved one is ill there is nothing more generous you can offer them than respect, security and emotional well-being at home. The patient’s physical, intellectual and spiritual concerns are important and familiar surroundings provide comfort for your family member. If they have the luxury to live at home your loved one will feel at ease when assisted by Taryn. She has a gentle, calming presence and exercises sound decision making skills.
    Hire Taryn for a few hours a day so you may relax. She can provide the reassurance you are seeking. Home-based, cost-effective care for your beloved family member is a gift for the entire family. Members of your home deserve personal time; away from care taking, when an illness unsettles the balance and structure of their daily lives. Time away to run errands or a visit with friends, dine out, see a film, go to church or for a run: get the chance to recharge so you may be there for the one you love. Experience these outings free from guilt or worry with the confidence that your loved one is in capable hands. Taryn will be attentive to the family routine and rituals within your household. Please don’t wait another day to ask for a little help.

Plan, Organize, and find Balance!