Archer Cortlandt Personal Services

Archer Cortlandt Personal Services is owned and operated by a courageous, self-starter who uses her skills productively to benefit her clients. Taryn Archer, a degreed engineer; analytical and innovative she can comfortably assess, administrate and accomplish projects in a short time. She brings a lifetime of experience to her work; creating calm in chaos, multi-tasking and covering the minute details while her clients relax. Taryn thinks outside the box, is creative in her approach to her work, thrives when she has a challenge, and enjoys improving the quality of life for her clients. Archer Cortlandt Personal Services was founded by Taryn through recognition for the need for order, balance and constructive time management in other people's lives. Realizing the demanding schedules of today's world and capitalizing on her leadership skills, a thriving business was created. Archer Cortlandt focuses on efficiency, organization, logic, management and most of all service. She has created a concierge service for life’s necessities! Call her today and let her help you enjoy more by doing less.

Plan, Organize, and find Balance!