Archer Cortlandt Personal Services

    Points of Agreement

    The implementation of the following policies and procedures provides a written contract between Archer Cortlandt Personal Services and its clients. These guidelines are imperative for our clients and are crucial to service quality.

    Commitment policies:

    • The company's aim is to create a stress-reduced environment for clients.
    • Archer Cortlandt Personal Services commits to maintain your standards.
    • The company will present and review projects with the client for final approval.

    Confidentiality policy:
    • Client information will always be kept confidential. This includes addresses, phone numbers, financial information, access codes, business and personal information.

    Financial policies for short-term clients:
    • Contract clients will pay one-time project fees immediately upon completion of services.

    Financial policies for long-term clients:
    • Client will pay Archer Cortlandt Personal Services monthly.
    • Client will receive an email or a text message of the monthly amount for payment.
    • Client will receive a monthly receipt statement and expense statement.
    • Client will provide cash, check or a restricted limit credit card for errands and purchases.
    • Client will pay mileage at the current IRS mileage rate for that year.
    • Client will pay any tolls or parking fees incurred during the work day (expense statement).

    Animal care procedures:
    • Optimum pet care will be provided based on your animal's history, needs or restrictions.
    • Dogs must have a traveling seat belt (or crate) for transportation.
    • Cats must have carriers for transportation.

    Child care procedures:
    • The company will gladly research child care options or daycare facilities upon client requests.
    • Archer Cortlandt Personal Services does not provide child care.
    • The company is not insured to transport children.