Client testimony

"My siblings and I tried for several years to get our father to file his back taxes to no avail. He was willing and well-intentioned, but lacked the motivation and discipline. Finding Archer Cortlandt Personal Services was a huge blessing. Taryn's professional, intuitive, and caring demeanor was just what dad needed to tackle the project. She stayed on top of the schedule she and dad laid out until every last item was recorded and the records submitted to the tax office. She is the consummate professional in every sense of the word and we couldn't be more pleased with her services. The icing on the cake was a thank you note I received from dad after the project was finished. He wrote to thank me for engaging Taryn's assistance, 'Slowly I am becoming aware of how incapacitated I had become as a result of avoiding the taxes. It had caused me to be inattentive and inactive in other areas in my life.' Dad is not only relieved to have this burden off his back, but he is more pleasant and upbeat than ever before. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Taryn for her sensitive, compassionate, and timely help. My siblings and I would heartily recommend her services to anyone for anything!"
- Laure H. and Family

"Taryn Archer got involved after I had made numerous futile attempts to figure out the Social Security options and benefits available for my mentally challenged adult son. I felt overwhelmed by the government offices and departments, the forms, the waiting lines and the protocol of the bureaucratic process. Taryn has been invaluable trudging through the paperwork and appointments that were required to obtain benefits for my disabled son. Ms. Archer demonstrated professionalism, patience and diligence on my son's behalf. She put me at ease, explained things to me that were unclear and never stopped asking questions. Taryn was knowledgeable and saw to every detail. My son is now collecting benefits I previously thought he would never receive; I don't know what we would have done without her."
- Patricio F., father

"Prior to meeting Taryn Archer of Archer Cortlandt Personal Services my business was a mess. I had customer contacts on yellow legal pads, in my phone contacts and on business cards. Taryn met with me, assessed my company and suggested QuickBooks to solve my problems. She then proceeded to compile my customer database from scattered notes, organized my business and scheduled my customers for a year. Because of Taryn’s efforts I now have over 800 clients at the click of a button, a concise business layout and methods to track my A/R and profits. I never would have had the time to do this and keep my business running without hard work of Archer Cortlandt Personal Services."
- Terry P., small business owner

"Taryn Archer, of Archer Cortlandt, is a dream come true. She is the ultimate professional. I recently moved and was in need of help with the organization of my office. I had heard of Taryn's services through friends who had used her and recommended her highly. Taryn is one of the few people who has the ability to really listen to her clients and decipher their intrinsic needs. This is a gift. My office was organized in a way that was not only functional but pleasing to the eye, mind and soul. Without Taryn I would still be sorting and wondering where to put things. Thanks to her I can get on with my life."
- Gwen Fox, Professional Artist

"If you have a difficult and challenging job that you can't seem to find the time to do yourself you should consider the professional services of Archer Cortlandt Personal Services. Taryn reconstructed and entered several years of shoddy, handwritten business records into appropriate accounting software, completed unfiled taxes and dealt with the IRS on my behalf. This allowed me the luxury to continue to operate my business free of the stress and anxiety of previously overwhelming office work. Taryn is relentless in her approach to all tasks and always exceeds expectations. No matter what your business, Taryn is sure to be an asset."
- Michael B., Owner, Lawn Services company

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